Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tips on Installing a Floating Vanity

Using a floating bathroom vanity is very ideal for those who have smaller space in their bathroom and wanted to create an impression or illusion that there is much space available. This kind of vanity does not only provide a neat and tidy look but also its gives your bathroom a modern and chic appearance. But when planning to install or change your existing vanity with this type, there are certain points that you must remember to make sure that it is properly installed. Same also with other vanities out in the market today, to set this one up, it requires precision and total understanding of the product. Here are some simple and basic tips for you in installing your floating bathroom vanity.

Identify the product to be installed. First significant factor to take into consideration is to know or identify what kind of bathroom vanity you will be installing. Since floating vanity differs in sizes, shapes and designs, it is important to fully understand its specification with regards on how to fit the item.

Depending on the kind of floating vanity that you will be setting up in your bathroom, its required installation process differs as well. A floating vanity made out of glass should be set up with extra care to avoid breaking it up or getting it damage while wood vanity is sensitive also from scratches and dents.
Check the area where the vanity will be mounted. It is a necessary aspect to check first the place where your vanity will fixed. Make sure that the place is big enough to be able to mount your vanity properly because you might end up fixing it in the wrong spot. The strength and sturdiness of the wall should be check too especially if you will be installing heavy weight vanities like those one that comes with storage cabinets or those that are made out of weighty materials. Make sure that the hooks and clamps that you will be using can cater the weight of your vanity. Remember that your product is hanging on the wall; a single mistake during installation might cause damage in the end.

Take time to read the instruction. This is the best and the most appropriate thing to do in any installation process. Reading the instruction won’t harm you. The manufacturer of the product is your best source for correct and perfect installation procedures. They know more of the product and understands well on how the item should be addressed, installation wise. You can also utilize the internet to search for additional relevant information. It can even give you photos and videos of step by step installation process. There is lot of relevant site in the web that tackles about this kind of stuff.

If you are not comfortable and sure in the installation especially if you are trying to mount a floating vanity with sensitive materials, it is best to hire a professional to have the work done correctly and avoid the risk of damage on your product.

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