Thursday, July 15, 2010

Caring for your Cultured Marble Vanity Top

Why pay more when you can have quality and affordability in one material. As the advent of new world has come with an increasing numbers of new materials are being introduced in the market today. One this material is the so called cultured marble. A cultured marble is a combination of mix high strength polyester and marble dust. The material is closer to a fiber glass in composition than to its natural stone. Compare to natural marble stone, cultured marble stone have a wide variety of deigns and colors. You can actually determine if it's a cultured marble when you feel it texture it's like a hard plastic compare to real marble stone which is stone like.

Aside from its variety this material is lesser in terms of its cost but still it's more durable than the natural stone marble. Since it is less expensive more and more people uses this kind of material for their bathroom vanity top. But the question is what are the extra precautions and required maintenance for this product? How will you maintain its beauty and elegance?

The most common problem encountered when using a cultured marble stone is that it is prone to scratches and it could be easily worn out. It is really a big challenge with regards to the maintenance for this type of materials. These damages can be acquired through falling hard object and abrasive sponge. But these can be avoided if we know what the right thing to do. When cleaning, make sure not to use a rough surface sponge because this may begin scratches and dents to your item. It is safer to use a pure cotton cloth or something that has a smooth texture. Another way of maintaining this product is applying fiberglass pate wax. A fiber glass paste wax help restores color and remove dirt on its surface. It may also lessen some scratches on the materials.

Using your usual detergent might cause damage to your marble vanity. This kind of materials requires special cleaners. You can go your local hardware or browse the web to look for the right product to clean your vanity. Sensitivity to acid is another thing to take note for cultured marble stone. Be cautious not to spoil any acidic chemical into. It might cause some etch and make your vanity top dry and dull. If this occurs, clean it right away with water and soap and dump dry using a clean cotton cloth to avoid any further damage to your item. If inevitably, your cultured marble got stained or has some discolorations, you can use lime, baking soda or ready to use rust remover. Just put extra attention and care when using this kind of products.

Though cultured marble are made with high durability and strength, it is still necessary to give it with correct and much attention to make it long lasting and keeping it look as good as new. Any product no matter how tough and sturdy it is, when neglected it wont certainly last.

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